State of the Sector Report

This is an annual survey we conduct in collaboration with four other states – Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Montana – to gain a comprehensive look at the nonprofit sector across the region. It helps us better understand strengths and challenges, and provides important information that helps us better meet your needs here in Idaho.

2016 Northwest Nonprofit Capacity Report - A consortium of five northwest state nonprofit associations has released a comprehensive study on the capacity, strengths, and challenges of the region’s nonprofit sector. The report highlights the progress nonprofits are making in creating a resilient sector. 

2015 Nonprofit State of the Sector Report - Captures and reports on the health of the Idaho nonprofit sector based on results of the nonprofit sector survey.

2013 Nonprofit State of the Sector Report - Pacific Northwest Nonprofit Survey - MJ Murdock Charitable Trust. A five-year initiative to build the capacity of five statewide organizations in the Pacific Northwest so that they, in turn, could be better positioned to strengthen the nonprofits within their communities.