Starting a Nonprofit

There are numerous steps involved with starting a nonprofit organization. The Idaho Nonprofit Center has compiled a list of free resources to help you with your decision making process. Please also visit our Business Index for organizations that provide individualized consulting services. The Nonprofit Center is not authorized to give legal advice or offer consulting services to start up organizations.

While the process of launching a nonprofit organization can be rewarding, it is also arduous and initial funding can be quite challenging. The article “Alternatives to Starting a Nonprofit” offers ideas for fulfilling your goal without having to start a new nonprofit.

Also, Boise State University has a recurring class: Starting a Nonprofit.

Roadmap to Starting a Nonprofit

  • Recorded webinar presented by Amy Little, CEO/President of the Idaho Nonprofit Center
  • Checklist to find out some of the basics to get started in Idaho

General Resources

Idaho State Law Resources

IRS Resources 

Free Trainings:

Webcast: How to Start a Nonprofit

This webcast, which discusses the legal and practical considerations of starting a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, was given on September 15th by Daniel A. Hershey, and was sponsored by ReadyTalk. A recording of the presentation (audio and accompanying slideshow) is still available on ReadyTalk's website.

Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • State and federal requirements
  • Governance
  • Bylaws and articles of incorporation
  • IRS Form 1023
  • Charitable registration and annual compliance
  • Board minutes and resolutions
  • Insurance
  • Fiscal sponsorship

Free Online Course: Establishing a Nonprofit

This course from GrantSpace describes 12 tasks you will need to accomplish as part of the process of establishing a nonprofit organization:

  • File the certificate of incorporation
  • Select individuals to serve on the board of directors
  • Develop vision and mission statements
  • Establish bylaws and board policies
  • Obtain an employer identification number (EIN)
  • Open a bank account and establish check signing procedures
  • File for federal tax exemption
  • Follow state and local nonprofit regulations
  • Find office space and obtain office equipment
  • Recruit staff and prepare a personnel manual
  • Establish a payroll system and procure necessary insurance coverage
  • Develop an overall fundraising plan