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Federal Budget - More Information 

The National Council of Nonprofits released an analysis of President Trump's fiscal year 2018 budget proposal yesterday. The Idaho Nonprofit Center is disseminating this analysis in its entirety. We encourage INC members to take time to understand the breadth and scope of the proposals for cuts to important services, many delivered by nonprofits.

While these cuts give an important view into what the Trump Administration believes is important for the U.S., we remind everyone that the proposals are only a part of the process and the final budget will come from the legislative branch.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY) put yesterday's release in perspective: "I hope that people don't panic over the President's - any President's - budget. They're just suggestions."

We also suggest that Idaho nonprofits not panic, but be vigilant and reach out to your elected officials to express your thoughts on the importance of programs that have been suggested for cuts. Be sure to get your voices heard!

To learn more about the proposed cuts, please review the article below and from The Nonprofit Times.

*Language borrowed from our partner organization: Nonprofit Association of Oregon


Fiscal Year 2018 Federal Budget Proposal

White House Releases FY 2018 Budget Requests

On May 23, the White House made the first full move in the multi-step annual federal budget process by releasing a $4.1 trillion budget blueprint for Fiscal Year 2018 that begins on October 1. Every President’s budget is essentially a wish-list of spending and policy priorities sent to Congress for the remaining steps – approval of a budget resolution that sets spending levels, passage of 12 appropriations bills, and enactment of a budget reconciliation bill that can address hard-to-pass measures such as health care reform and a comprehensive tax overhaul.


One Year on the Job

Happy anniversary to me!  It is hard to believe that I have been at the Idaho Nonprofit Center for one full year. I am still as proud as ever to serve our sector and to work side by side with an incredible staff and a passionate board, each and every one of us is dedicated to doing all we can to support our nonprofits, across the state.

Last year my 14th day on the job was Idaho Gives, and since that time we have consistently worked to make each and every program of the Center even better for you. Over the course of the past several months, I’ve also learned a lot more than I ever thought possible about the inner-workings of a nonprofit.

The Idaho Nonprofit Center strives always, and every day, to be the best that we can be. And, in that sense, it is also important for us to share when we learn something of value that might help other nonprofits.

Recently our Board of Directors conducted my annual evaluation. One of the unique things about how a nonprofit is structured is that the Board isn’t typically involved in the day to day operations of the Idaho Nonprofit Center. 

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