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In this section you will find recommended nonprofit principles and practices, information about regional networks (see if there is one in your area or learn how to start one!), nonprofit management resources and coming soon a Members Only Technical Assistance Library, how to start a nonprofit resources, grant information and opportunities, a link to our Job Board, and our CenterView newsletter archive.

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Donors After Idaho Gives

Say Thanks!

Whether you thank donors in an email. letter, or phone call, saying thank you is impactful and increases donor retention. Research shows that the average nonprofit loses 81% of donors after their first gift and the probability that a donor will make five consecutive gifts is only 10-15%. Increase those odds with a personal touch.

The time spent saying thanks will be well worth it! Need some ideas of creative ways to say thank you?

  • Send an e-mail thank you with a short video message from staff or those receiving services 
  • Mail a hand-written card. Break up the donor list and have staff and board members help write cards
  • Send a post card with a picture showing how donor funds help support the mission
  • Split up the donor list and have staff, board members and volunteers give phone calls of thanks
  • Mail or e-mail an invitation to a donor appreciation tour of your organization

Follow Up

Also, don't forget to add your new contacts to your donor database to reach out in the future. Keep your Idaho Gives momentum with your other fundraisers! 

Learn more about donor relationships and retention strategy here


Two Years of Fun

April 18, 2018, marks my second anniversary on the job here at the Idaho Nonprofit Center and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by! Time flies when you are having fun, as they say! I am having fun but I take my responsibility to support our Idaho nonprofits very seriously. Part of that is to be sure we are always listening to you, our nonprofits and businesses, and working to deliver the programs and services you need.

That might mean an A for effort but a B for content and delivery sometimes. We understand and that is why we ask you every year for your feedback and input. Based on your feedback each year we have made changes, some big and some small, to the programs and services we offer to you. This year will be no different and I’m excited to share with you three very important things.

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