Public Policy Program

Nonprofit organizations play a central role in the democratic process. We witness the effect that public policies have on our communities. Because of our special role in the community, nonprofits can serve as a bridge between policymakers and constituents.

The Idaho Nonprofit Center's Public Policy Program helps nonprofits learn how to be effective advocates and build strong relationships with local, state and federal elected officials.

2018 Policy Agenda - Idaho Nonprofit Center


  • To encourage and support nonprofit engagement in the public policy process at local, state and national levels,
  • To provide nonprofits effective lobbying and advocacy training and skill building opportunities,
  • To build a unified voice for the sector on matters affecting all nonprofits with which to inform and persuade decision makers,
  • To increase respect and support for the nonprofit community among local, state and national elected officials and the Idaho public.

Our Programs

  • Advocacy Tools – Rules and effective practices for public charity advocacy and lobbying.
  • Idaho Nonprofit Awareness Month – Educates the public about the work and worth of the nonprofit sector in Idaho.
  • Legislative Watch – Members receive legislative updates by email during the legislative session.
  • Public Policy Forums – An opportunity to explore public policy interests that members have in common.