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Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions will be held on both Thursday (9/7) and Friday (9/8) this year. Stick with one track or mix and match. There is a topic for everyone to build their toolbox and bring back to their organization. A full schedule will be posted soon.

Telling Your Story

Incorporate marketing, traditional media, and social media to share your story with the world. More details here.

Finding Funds

Making hard asks can be tricky. Learn new ways to pitch your organization in person and through grant writing. More details here.


Developing the Future 

Strengthen your board by working together and start your strategic planning. More details here.


Helping Hands

Volunteers are integral. Improve your communication with the rock star volunteers in these tracks. More details here.

New Tools

We didn't forget about you! Tracks include basic financials, collaboration, and insurance. More details here.


Conference Location

  • The Riverside Hotel 
  • 2900 W Chinden Blvd.
  • Boise, ID, 83714

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