Idaho Gives 2017 Improvements

Lower fees, easier to use, and more golden tickets! We heard your comments last year and we have made changes to resolve issues and make 2017 bigger and better. Our biggest piece of news is that we are partnering with a new online giving platform called GiveGab. This means we are no longer using Razoo. We are thrilled to be working with GiveGab for many reasons.

  • Fees: 6.7% +$.30 (CC fee)
  • 2016: Fees: 8.9% + $.30 (CC fee)

  • Giving platform is GiveGab
  • 2016: Giving platform was Razoo

  • Funds received in 1-3 days
  • 2016: Funds received in 6-8 weeks from Razoo

  • Simple and clear to donors to cover fees
  • 2016: Not easy for donors to cover fees

  • Paid local advertising/statewide media partners
  • 2016: No paid local advertising in any communities

  • Nonprofits searchable by Idaho’s counties
  • 2016: No county search function for nonprofits

  • Targeted focus on employer engagement
  • 2016: Very little employer engagement

  • One step sign up and it’s simple and easy
  • 2016: Two step sign up process (and confusing)

  • Platform is user-friendly to nonprofits and donors
  • 2016: Very difficult platform for nonprofits and donors

  • Customer service will be available during Idaho’s business hours (GiveGab)
  • 2016: Platform customer service closed down at 3pm MST

  • More regional 5X5s, leaderboards & golden tickets return, extra prize for those reaching their matching pledges (secured by nonprofit)
  • 2016: Donor appreciation was ineffective incentive in award pool money

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