About Us

The Idaho Nonprofit Center represents the interests of our state’s 5,500 registered charitable nonprofit organizations and serves as a broker of information and a bridge between the nonprofit, for-profit and government sectors. We are an association of forward-looking nonprofit leaders who come together to share knowledge, solve problems, pursue common interests, and serve the public good.

Our Mission:

To provide resources to build strong and accountable nonprofits and a platform to rally public involvement and gain support for the nonprofit sector.

Our Promise:

To inspire, connect and advocate for a stronger Idaho

This year we’ve worked to improve your experience:

  • Giving platform: GiveGab
  • Funds will be received in 1 – 3  days
  • Only 6.7% fees (2% to GiveGab for website maintenance, customer service, and nonprofit training & support, 2% for statewide advertising, 2.7% +$.30 for credit card processing)
  • Option to cover the fee is clear and used by majority of donors
  • Simple one-step registration process
  • GiveGab customer service available during Idaho Gives hours
  • Statewide employer engagement to help bring you new donors
  • More regional 5X5s!  Leaderboards and golden tickets return, and extra prizes for those reaching their matching pledges (secured by nonprofit)

GiveGab is user-friendly to nonprofits and donors! We encourage you to register for Idaho Gives to take advantage of the amazing resources available on Idahogives.org


Registration Has Closed

Thank you to the almost 700 organizations participating this year! 

For more information and a full list of nonprofits, please visit idahogives.org