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The Idaho Nonprofit Center represents the interests of the 4,800 charitable nonprofits in Idaho, the 48,000 nonprofit employees, and the 400,000 volunteers.

We act as a vehicle of information, a convener of leaders and allies, and a bridge between the nonprofit, public and private sectors. The information and expertise we gather provides the framework for training and education for organizations of all sizes.

You, too, can have a seat at the table!  Join the over 450 nonprofit organizations who are investing in their own development and growth. With stronger individual organizations, comes a stronger Idaho. Be heard. Get involved.

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2014 Idaho Nonprofit Excellence Awards - Congratulations Honorees!

The Idaho Nonprofit Center’s Excellence Awards recognized the outstanding accomplishments of Idaho’s nonprofit sector. The awards spotlight the enormously important roles of thousands of nonprofit organizations across Idaho that make a difference every day.

A special thanks to those who nominated a nonprofit and those attending the dinner to celebrate the success of ALL nominees. Together we make Idaho stronger. 

View the 2014 Honorees here!

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Oct 16 - Nonprofit Resource Thursday, Boise

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